Tutorial: Extracting a URL for a record

Hey folks! In this quick tutorial, I’m going to cover how you can extract the URL to a particular record. One use case for this would be if you are sending emails / Slack / Teams messages about records being updated, you can include a link to the original record in the message.

In this instance, I’m using Stacker Tables, but this should work for any data source.

We’re going to use a formula field, along with the CONCAT function (help docs), which brings together two bits of text (or numbers) into one. In this case, we’ll be concatenating two things:

  1. The link to the table in Stacker with /view/ added on the end
  2. The record ID for the individual record

We’re going to use this formula:

CONCAT("https://workspacename.stackerhq.com/appname/tablename/view/", RECORD_ID())

Here’s how it looks in my sample app:


and if it has worked, you should end up with a list of URLs:


Ta-da! Now you can use these URLs as you wish :smile: