Release notes for w/c 21st November

Did you know Michael Jackson made some of the music for Sonic 3?

And here are this week’s release notes for ya.

:newspaper_roll: New

  • You can now change your Airtable API key without contacting support—go to App Settings > Data Sources > [Data Source name] > Edit settings
  • [Quick Apps] Pages just got a new header type—Banner. Good for adding a splash of colour to your pages.

:muscle: Improved

  • [Quick Apps] Sidebar has been completely redesigned to improve usability.
  • [Google Sheets] We will now be much smarter when detecting the header row, in cases when it’s not starting on A1
  • [Quick Apps] Admins will now see all records by default, regardless of permissions and filters.
  • [Quick Apps] Quick Links widget just got a number of tiny quality of life improvements.
  • [Google Sheets] If you duplicated values of the Stacker ID column, that could break syncing. Stacker ID column will now clearly say that it shouldn’t be copied.
  • We will now better display the calendar with narrow screen widths.
  • You can now trigger Zaps with read-only fields in action buttons.

:hammer_and_wrench: Fixed

  • The app would crash if you tried deleting a table that had a Stacker linked field. No more.
  • Airtable’s Created by and Updated by fields were showing as editable, but they actually aren’t. We will now show them as read-only.
  • [Google Sheets] You could sometimes get stuck in a loading loop when adding the same Google Sheet twice.
  • [Quick Apps] Banner blocks would jump all over the place when switching between edit and preview modes. They ran out of steam, and will no longer jump around.