Translating buttons / search inputs / etc. into other languages

This was posted in Slack by Ambroise from Unly - if you want help setting this up you can contact him here!

I’ve managed to translate parts of our Stacker apps into French :fr:

  • All buttons (Add new, edit, cancel, etc.)
  • Search inputs
  • Previous/Next for tables

It is also possible to support multiple languages (e.g: based on user’s preference), although that’d be more complicated and would require advanced scripting tailored to your app.
If that’d interest you, let me know! I can add it and tailor the behaviour for your app (as part of my consultant role). :slightly_smiling_face:

:warning: This will require the Stacker “Pro” plan, because custom JS/CSS scripts are required.
Here is a short demo:

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