🥁 Updates to Stacker this week!

Did you know China only has one timezone? Must make 9am meetings particular tough on some folks)

And here are this week’s updates, including a little timezone boost.

:muscle: Improved

  • We’ve improved the performance for lookup and other relationship fields against the Users table when case-insensitive matching is used on the email or name field.
  • We now support timezone on Airtable rollup fields. This was previously only supported for date, formula or lookup fields.
  • The admin panel has improved animation, it should now be smoother.
  • Previously when previewing with roles enabled, there was no indication of the role for the users. You can now see roles next to the user you want to preview.
  • Your .csv data uploads can now be as large as 25mb.

:hammer_and_wrench: Fixed

  • Certain users were getting a sad cloud in calendar view due to an invalid date format, this has now been fixed.
  • You were able to drag Add field column in the admin data grid. This was unintentional, and is now impossible to do.
  • When switching between months, the date picker would change heights. This would make it easy to miss the next month button and close the date picker. The date picker will now be more consistent.
  • When using top navigation, you could sometimes get in a state where the admin data grid would keep opening out of bounds. This shouldn’t happen anymore.