What happens if multiple apps have a same data source

Will adding the same airtable source for multiple apps in the workspace be problematic? what are the downsides?

I’m interested to see other people respond. I am doing this for an app in order to simplify my security roles and settings between diverse security groups. The only downside I have experienced so far is that you have the sync lag time between the two apps (depending on your stacker version, this can be up to 15 minutes).

I imagine, if your data was separated or you didn’t have a linear process, you could run into some concurrency issues where the same record is being edited in two different apps at the same time.

Hi @Sachin_Mishra

As Duane says, there is a sync time to take into consideration, so that any edited data will not show up in another app for 15 mins.
However if your users are editing the same record they will be notified of this immediately.

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