A new look for permissions

Stacker’s Permissions have been given a new coat of paint for the spring – and we’ve made a few improvements under the hood as well.

With the new permissions user interface you can now view all your permissions in one place. You can also see, at a glance, the access level for each permission rule, and use checkboxes to adjust the level of access for each field. Learn how to configure a permission rule in here


Tried this out. It’s pretty cool.

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Thanks @Sachin_Mishra

Let us know if you think there is anything else tat could do with improvements! or what you like best about this one.

Looks great! But I think it’s messing with the onboarding. Couldn’t pass that step.

Hi @Lucien

The new permissions UI should not affect onboarding. This is just a new look to make editing your permissions easier.

If you are still experiencing onboarding issues, please email the details of this through to support, or click the chat icon in your app to contact us.

Maybe it’s unrelated, I don’t know. This is what I meant:

Not a huge deal though :slight_smile:

Hi @Lucien

if you can email support@stackerhq.com and give us details of your app, we can have a look into this issue better.

This is such a great change. Well done Stacker Team!

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