Help with a Permission Problem

I have an AirTable base that we use for a warranty ticketing system. We have about 10 users to access the Stacker App to see all of the repair tickets that are assigned to them. Something changed on my permissions and now every factory is seeing every ticket and NOT only the tickets that should be assigned to them. See the screen shot attached.

Any ideas on how or someone we could work with to fix this issue??


Hi @backyardoutfitters,

It looks like there is an issue with your filter, there is an error message to let you know that there is currently no object selected to match.

For example here I have selected “The record” matches →

This usually happens if the record has changed in your datasource. If you can redo the permissions for this it should work again.

If you do need further assistance, please contact us at

Thank you Thu for your response. I’m not entirely sure how to change the permissions. Is there someone who could help by logging into our base with me and showing me how to do this?


Hi @backyardoutfitters

Please send through the details of the issue and your app to and someone will be able to look into this issue.

If you can include:

  1. The url of your app
  2. The table that the permission error is occurring on
  3. Any additional screenshots that will help the team to troubleshoot
  4. Grant support access so we can look into the issue.