Can I make my customers accept terms and conditions when creating an account?

I’m building a client portal. Is there a way for me to require them to accept terms and conditions when they first log in to the portal? E.g. just a checkbox with some links, like this.
Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 11.06.45 PM

Hi @gmy87

It is not possible to edit the login page at the moment, you can vote for the feature here.

For what you are trying to achieve, you could create a page that the user logs into with the checkbox on there. So essentially a Home Page with a checkbox for them to check.

So, I actually did this by making them edit their profile before they can move forward in the app.

I have a warning sign using “Callouts” which is visible if they haven’t yet agreed. I set a role that is changed when they do agree.

They can’t do anything until they edit their profile and tick off the terms and conditions.

It allows us to control that step and gatekeep the app.


This is an awesome workaround, thanks for sharing @JacobBlack