Ho do i custom create signup/login pages

Hi Everyone i have two questions :wink:

  1. i’m actually trying to create a CRM application ,and i want the custom login and signup pages after that the user has to be directed to CRM dashboard is there a way to do that and i want it to be connected to custom domain how can i do that rather than pro plan as i’m just trying to create one single application and i may not require workspaces .and I don’t want the client to see stakerhq features or anything i just want the client to view the crm thats it how can i do that
    2.As I am a freelancer which plan should i go with should i create the CRM in my account and transfer it to the client or who should buy the subscription how does that work

Hey there,

Once a user is logged in they will be directed to the first page that is available to them. You can reorder your pages in the Navigation and toggle off any tables you do not need.

End users do not have access to editing the Layout, but they will have access to edit data unless you limit this using Permissions.

Custom domain is only available on the Pro Plan.

To build for a client you should, create and build the app then add the client to the app as an owner and admin. They can then remove you if necessary. Then have them pay for the subscription through their own billing information. Others may have other ways of doing this.

Let me know if you have further questions!