How do I make a Custom Page public for anyone who has the URL can view the page?

New to Stacker!

Just used Stacker to create a basic blog article (image banner + text) using the Custom Pages. Also just created an employee directory app.

For the employee directory app, I want to make this public so that users can create an account and login. I do have pages within the app that should only be accessible to a certain group of users.

For the blog article page, I want to make it public to anyone who has the link to be able to access it in their browser.

I’ve gone through the Knowledge Base, but just want to confirm that I need to be on the “Pro” plan in order to set user permissions (which users can access the webpage or Apps?) Or can I do this on the Starter Plan?

Hi There,

You can set up open sign up for users to access with the link.

You can set user permissions on the starter plan, but you need to be on Pro to have multiple permissions and to use roles.