Do we have a dev/live version demarcation in stacker?

Such that any changes I make on the dev do not reflect on the live site - until they are final.

Also, is there version control or revert to a historical build?

Hi @arjun,

We don’t have a staging environment at the moment, this is definitely something that we want to add in the future. If you want to vote for this feature, please see the link below. If you have any other features you would like to see, please feel free to add it.


So if I am making a big change to the application, how do I manage user experience during that period? Is there a way to disable to app?

We can clone the app, so you can test any changes out on the cloned app first.

Although not ideal as the changes made will have to be manually redone on the live app.

If you want to go ahead with the cloning, please send an email to support! to request it. Please put the workspace and app name you want cloned.

Understood, thanks for that.

Also, can I check, if I uncheck the “enabled” option in the screenshot below. Would that allow me to run and test any changes and then open it back to users again? - this is like a workaround

Yes that will disable users from accessing the app if you have set users up on customer access.

It will still allow access to workspace/app users though.

Got it, thank you for sharing.

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