Help with embedding


I am having a hell of time getting embedding to work.

I tried linking from google drive, but that just comes up with a Forbidden 403 message. I have tried doing this by changing the permissions at the Google drive end of things and still keep getting the same message.

I then decided to see what happens if I use a youtube link, and this time I got a ‘go back’ and ‘advanced’ security message (neither button worked).

What I really want is for each record to link to a separate audio file (in my airtable), but the embed function won’t let me choose any field except the primary field (i.e. the first column in the airtable).

Does anyone know how to get the embed function to draw from another field?

I have been through all the Stacker how-tos and there is nothing there about the issues I’m encountering.

Can anyone help?



Did you try to use a Formula field? I believe formula fields should display in the select list (below “Plant”, etc.)

What’s the type of your column? Stacker hides columns when it doesn’t support the type.

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Some advice that came in from Daniel Lewis in Slack:

I have just used the embed function with an formula generated Airtable share view with custom url param filters.

Something I worked out is that Stacker have an vey basic version of embedding. That is to say you can pass them a url for embedding but not the whole embed code snippet. For things like youtube and other media audio players this will likely mean that the way the player looks in the end will be what ever the default is.

The other thing you need to be aware of when linking resources into stacker is CORS. Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) - HTTP | MDN the thing you are embedding needs to be setup to support CORS otherwise it will error out.

Whenever your doing stuff like this you should open the browsers console. You can see errors in there and start googling them