How to add a Stacker rollup field

Stacker Rollup Fields

Stacker rollup fields can be used to summarize related values.

For example, in my Grant Tracker app, I have a table called ‘Foundations’. Each Foundation record contains a list of associated applications (linked to the ‘Applications’ table).

But what if I want to show the number of applications each foundation has? I could do so by using a roll up field. To do this, go to your field settings for the table and click “+ add field” > rollup.

Then, specify what you would like your field to be called, where you’d like the related values to come from (select from a linked table), and how you would like to summarize the data (i.e. sum, count of records, average, etc)

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 11.05.21 AM
Note - In order for a table to appear in the dropdown options for the roll up, there must be a link to that table.

Save and enabled the new field in your layout.