New features: Text in pipeline view, user sorting of lists, plus new formula abilities

Howdy all :cowboy_hat_face:

It’s release day! We’ve got a few new things and couple of fixes - check 'em out below.


  • You can now add a title and description to the pipeline widget. It can be rich text, too.
  • App users can now sort records on the list view—just click a table column you want to sort by and watch the sorting unfold. Unsupported field types: lookup fields, multi-lookup fields, and multi-select fields.
  • Stacker Formula fields have new powers: AND, OR and NOT functions.


  • In some cases, the linked record field settings would go out of bounds. We’ve pleaded and begged, and I’m pleased to report that it was successful. The settings have agreed to stay where they should be.
  • In the Manage fields and data pane, percentages would sometimes show a crazy number of decimals. We will now be more sensible.

Full notes right here.