Keep custom domain when logging in as collaborator

We’ve successfully setup a custom domain using the Customer Access feature for our app, but every time a collaborator logs in via the custom domain, it switches the URL over to the domain instead which makes it hard to share URLs with our end users. How can we login in the custom domain and not have the URL/domain change?

Hi @cmacom

Where have you inputted your custom domain?

If it’s in the customer access section and your users are in a user table, they should only be able to access via that custom domain.

If you have added your custom domain into the workspace section, users you have invited as collaborators will access via this method.

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Hello Thu,
We’ve entered it into the Customer Access section. The problem isn’t for our end users, it’s for the collaborators. They login to the custom domain but immediately get switched over to the domain which makes it harder to share links with our end users. Do we have to create separate user accounts for the collaborators so they can login to the custom domain and stay there?

Just to clarify do you want your Customer access (external user table) to enter via a custom domain or your collaborators (internal users) to access via the custom domain?

If it is your collaborators (internal) then the custom domain needs to be entered into the Workspace Settings section, not in your customer access section.

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Hello Thu,
We want our end users recorded in our external user table as well as our collaborators to use the custom domain. If I add the custom domain to both the app and the workspace, does that break anything?

It is not possible to set the same domain for both your workspace and your customer access.

But you can choose different subdomains - like and . as an example.

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