Unable to add custom domain, "This URL is already taken"

If you are unable to save a new custom domain for your app or workspace, and are receiving “this url is already taken”, please check that:

  1. The custom domain is not being used in another app. This setting can be found in your app settings > customer access > general.
  2. The custom domain is not being used as your workspace custom domain. This setting can be found in your workspace settings > general > 'custom workspace domain’

You cannot host your workspace and a customer access app at the same url. Since one provides access on a workspace level, and the other end user access on an app only level, they must have unique urls. For example, if I am using a domain as the customer access url for one of my apps, I will not be able to use the same domain for the workspace.

Once the custom domain is removed from where it is currently in use, you will be able to use it elsewhere.

If you would like to use the same parent domain for both your workspace and customer access app, I would recommend using a subdomain (i.e. team.yourdomain.com, portal.yourdomain.com). To add a subdomain to your DNS, add an additional record for the subdomain. Add your subdomain (‘portal’ for example) where is says to add an @ record.

More information on the difference between customer access and your workspace can be found here - Customers vs Workspace users