ROUND(), ROUNDUP(), ROUNDDOWN(), Value(), and hide your app name in the navbar

Hey folks, here’s today’s release notes!

:rolled_up_newspaper: New
Formula 1 field
If rounding numbers is your jam, you can now ROUND(), ROUNDUP(), and ROUNDDOWN().
Use the Value() formula function to remove non-digits from a string.
You can now hide the app name from the navigation bar. Go to navigation settings and look for the toggle.

:muscle: Improved
Any actions that load the list of users with their roles will now be significantly faster. Examples: Loading of the Manage users screen, Preview as dropdown, loading pages with permissions. This change should be especially noticeable on Workspaces and Apps with a lot of users :zap:

:hammer_and_wrench: Fixed
Action buttons were not visually updating the record until you reloaded the page. No need to reload anymore.
In rare cases the Create form would crash. No more crashes. :crossed_fingers: