Today's release notes: More formula powers and some visual improvements

Did you know that ice cream is a solid, liquid, and gas all at the same time?

But also, here are today’s release notes:


  • Formula field features are expanding, just like the universe
  • You can now use is_before(), is_after(), and datestr() functions


  • We will now show the logo or app name on Open Signup registration page.
  • Top navigation will now resize more elegantly when resizing the window.


  • In some cases, the app logo within the app would get skewed because the aspect ratio didn’t fit. The logo should now fit better, and you can further customize it using the .stk-logo class.
  • Fixed a crash in the Activity tab where the user’s name contained a percentage symbol - %
  • If you had long multi-select options in an action button, you could get into a state where that option was impossible to remove because the x went out of bounds. We will now handle long multi-select options much better.

Check out the full release notes right here.

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