Show records for the next 6 months

I have a table in Airtable with driver’s licenses and here, among other things, a field with the expiration date of the driver’s licenses. Is it somehow possible that I only display entries in Stacker for which the date is less than 6 months (i.e. in the next 180 days). ? I can’t get my result with the normal date filter.

I can also create a view in Airtable that contains my desired filter. But I also can’t find a way to display it in a new layout instead of the main table.

Many Thanks

Hey Kevin, here’s my solution to this:

I did it in two stages:

1 Calculate the difference between today’s date and the end date using this formula:

{End Date},

2 If that amount is less than 180, return “yes”

IF({Difference in days} < 180, "yes", "no")

(I realise as I type this that you’ll probably want to set up an AND to make sure the Difference in days is greater than zero) - here’s Airtable support:

3 I then used a filter based on “Should it be displayed” within Stacker. Worth reading this post about how filters work from a security perspective:

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