Use Airtable Formulas to Filter & Countdown

Good use of an Airtable formula can provide your users with valuable information and add detail to your Stacker app. In this tutorial, I will use an Airtable formula to calculate the days until a specific event.

I have a ‘date’ field in my events table. I have also added a formula field that will be used to calculate days until the specific date:

If the ‘days until event’ is positive, the event is in the future. If it is negative, the event has already passed. I can use this logic to create multiple layouts from my table (i.e. ‘upcoming events’ and ‘past events’).

I can even add a banner with conditional visibility to show when the event is less than a week away:

This is especially useful if you have an expiration date coming up and would like to warn your users.

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That’s excellent!!! And i was wondering how to use, all these secondary fields i am using to get useful infos.