As an admin, manually send a magic link to a user


I have a user reporting that they do not receive the email with the activation code and magic link when they try to log in to Stacker. They confirmed that they are using the correct email address, with the correct spelling, and that they checked their spam folder for the email.

I am pretty sure this is a “code 18”, but am having a hard time figuring out the problem with the user.

Is there a way for me to manually generate a magic link for a specific user and send it myself by email? And if so, how?


Hi @Christian,

Please can you reach out to and let us know the user affected by this, we can check our logs to see if there is an issue with the email being used.

Thanks for the quick reply!

The user reported that multiple magic links email showed up all at once in their spam folder the day after they tried to log in. Problem solved for now. I don’t know if the delay was caused by their email server or settings or spam filter or whatever…

If that can help on your side, the login tentatives occurred on Aug 28th and the use found the magic links on the 29th. I see on the status page that there were two incidents on those dates, although they do not seem related to sending emails…

Anyways, thank again, and I will reach out to the support address if that occurs again!

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Thanks for the update!

Glad it’s now working, if you do experience this issue again please get in touch with our support.