Record Header - Why can't I select Linked Fields anymore?

When I first set the fields for Record Header (Heading, Sub-heading) for Detail Layouts I was able to select Linked Fields. I Can no longer seem to select linked fields, even though the original fields I selected are still working as Heading / Sub-headings.

Any ideas?

Hi @luke_conker

This may have something to do with the changes we made to the header section recently to allow permissions to be set on them. I will ask and see whether it was the intention to lose the ability to set linked fields as your headers as well.

Any joy here @Thu ? keen to get those record headers setup with linked fields.

Hi @luke_conker

This was an unintended change, the engineer working on this has been away so not sure when this will be fixed. If you can email through to, I can keep you updated on the progress.