Permission and role

hello i put exactly the same permission for a role (referent) on 2 tabls but connected with that role one table data are not visible but the other is

The table contact data are no longer visible by the Referent role

but with the same permission difined the table Entrepirse_don is still visible by the role Referent

I am quite confused

thansk a lot

Hi Jacques,

The Permission targeting “Everyone” will override the other permission that is set to “Referent”.

As a tip, you do not need to have a permission for people not to see the information, think of it more of who can see the information. If you set the “user” to see the table they will be the only ones to see the table unless you add other roles to the table permissions.

Here are further help docs that can help you with Permissions:

yes !!! thats a best way and it is ok
thanks a lot

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