Permission , hide some data on specific records

Hello here is my , problem

I have a table with contacts, some of them are tagged VIP.
I would like some users to be able to see the contacts (including VIP) but for VIP ones not to show certains data (like email, phone) .
I didn’t find a conbination with roles, permissions …

thanks a lot

Hi there,

You can set conditional visibility on the Layouts for users (not VIPs) to not see the information of the VIPs. Or if they do not meet a specific qualification. Here is how to use Conditional visibility on fields:

Hope this helps!

Thanks Brittany
Yes it work but
I can Hide the email of VIP tagged contacts for a certain role in the detail view

the email do not appear, cool

But on the list view the email is still visible for this role :grinning:


Hi Jacques,

This is expected behavior of the conditional field. It will only hide it on the page it is set on. You could hide it using permissions and this would hide it on all pages.

What I want to explain is that on a detail page it os possible to hide some fields with contitions (on role)

but not on list view , that the way it runs :grinning:

Correct, this was a decision made by our product team because the conditional visibility is meant to hide on the detail level and is not a security feature. On the List Layouts you can use the permissions or hide the field all together.

Hope this helps,

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