Pickup user email to populate URL

How can I pick up a user email address so I can autofill a URL with this info? i.e Calendly - Protocole napoleon

Hi @rbnplt,

Is the users email address in the same table? or is it in a different table?

Can you give some context into what you are trying to achieve?

We have an autofill help article if you want to have a look through that - Autofill Values in create form.

I have two table. The first one has a list of professionals, each with a separate Calendly link (ie Calendly - Professional 1).
In another table, i have my user list - each with their own email address.

When a user goes on a professional page, i want him to click on a button that will redirect him to ie calendly.com/professional3&email=user99@user99.com

The way to set this up would be to save the Calendly links as a URL in your table, you can then create a button for users to click on.

Here I have Calendly links to the Team

CleanShot 2022-11-11 at 10.41.37

In stacker I can Edit this link to show as a button in the layout

Users can then click on the button to be re-directed to the individual URLs of the team member

But would it pick up the user’s email address when clicking on the button? This is the critical bit for me

No this has to be pre-filled in manually, there isn’t a way to automatically pick a user’s email address and add this to a button.