User has access to 'create" form view that they are not supposed to

Most of the users on the app have this view on their profile page: ( dummy account details)

but a specific user has this view:

Even the admin has to tweak the settings to access this view, how is this possible?

Hi @Sachin_Mishra

Does that particular user have any information on them? if their information is empty than a create form is the default since they will have to add some details in to have a record.

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We capture user details on our website through a form. So 4 of all the fields on the profile page should already be filled in.

I found out that the users who had this “create” record view, had spaces in their email IDs. But, they were able to access the portal despite that, which makes me wonder whether Stacker sanitizes the Email Ids for registrations?

Hey @Sachin_Mishra,

That is correct. When customer emails are imported to the customer list (and therefore, Stacker user’s table), spaces and capitalizations are removed. This is what is used for registration.

If you go to your app settings > user profiles, you will see that Stacker matches the email field in your customer list table to the email in the Stacker user table. This customer profile is what is used in your permissions. So if there are spaces of capitalizations in the data source, it will not match the Stacker user table and the user profile link will not work.

This is something we are currently working on fixing. But in the meantime, a workaround (if this is a common issues in your app) is to add a formula field and use that new fields as the email field in the customer list:

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