Using multiple permission rules to add access

The ability to add multiple permission rules is a very powerful feature (available on Pro and Team plans) that allows for increased customization to your app.

In this tutorial, I would like the user to be able to a) view team records as read-only, and b) update their own record.

I would like my user to be able to be able to view all records

This rule called ‘team permissions’ allows the user to view all records. However, I have set limitations on which fields they can read. I’ve also disabled the ability to update and create new records, since users should not be able to update other people’s records:

Give user access to update his own profile

I would like the user to be able to update his own profile. So I can add an additional rule to give him this access.

Remember - Permission rules GIVE access, they don’t take it away. So adding an additional rules, gives additional access.

Using multiple permission rules, in combination w/ filters and multiple list pages can empower you to achieve this:

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Thanks, this was really useful. I also found some of the permissions courses on your website really good too, gave me more of an idea on how this works as I found it super confusing especially when adding in roles.

Hi Joe,

Great to her you found the learning resources useful!

They can be found on the link below for anyone else looking -