Release notes for w/c 24th October

Hello everyone! Did you know David Bowie launched his own ISP (BowieNet) in the 90s? Truly ahead of his time.

And here are the short but sweet release notes for this week.

:muscle: Improved

  • CSV exports will now respect the order of the fields in the admin Data grid. Tip: You can reorder fields in the Admin Data grid by dragging and dropping the field to where you want it to be.
  • Reordering the fields in the Admin Data grid will also reorder the fields on the Edit layout pane where you choose which fields to show.

:hammer_and_wrench: Fixed

  • If you were using a field as a button, the label would be hidden when editing the record. We will now show the label when editing to make sure you know which field you’re updating.
  • Checkboxes weren’t properly rendering in some Rich Text fields, but they should now.