Sort table by linked records

Sorting by linked records isn’t yet possible, but you can vote on the feature if you’d like to see it happen.

In the meantime, you can work around this limitation with formula fields. The idea is to create a new formula field based off of the linked record, and then sort by that new field instead. To do that:

In Airtable

  1. On the table you want to sort, create a new formula field.
  2. As the formula, type in
    IF(LEFT({Linked Record}, 1) = '"', SUBSTITUTE( MID({Linked Record}, 2, LEN({Linked Record}) - 2), '""', '"' ), {Linked Record} )
  3. Replace Linked Record with the name of your linked field. There are 4 to be replaced.

This will create a new formula field with the data from your linked record, but as text. The long formula strips away unnecessary quotation marks.

In Stacker

  1. Manually sync schema and data for the table where you made the change.
  2. Go to that table’s Field settings, and turn on the new formula field
  3. Edit layout of the table you want to sort
  4. Choose to sort by the new field

Your table should now be alphabetically sorted by your linked records, through the formula field. Please give it a go, and let us know if you’ll need any help.